[Sloop Scoop 2008] #1, May 16 - May 28

Sloop John B sloopscoop@jewellgems.com
Thu, 15 May 2008 12:31:23 -0500

Cruisers & Crew--

It's officially summer!  The boat is in the water thanks to pledges 
by several patrons near and far, some of whom haven't even had a 
chance to sail with me in a while or live far away.  It's heartening 
to know that fond memories have such staying power.  We're in the 
water thanks also to preseason volunteer labor: Gordon as usual, but 
this year also Chas, Arleigh, Matthew, and Thomas.  We did some 
needed jobs that had been put off for a couple of years, and the boat 
looks great, so come and see her!

It was a rushed start to the river trip day since I still had to 
paint the bottom.  I got to the yard later than I'd planned (not my 
fault this time--I was at my pickup point 15 minutes early!).  I 
didn't have a roller cover. I used Al's leftover roller and brush, 
but the roller started falling apart.  We did manage to procure 
another roller cover and I miraculously got the entire bottom painted 
in about 45 minutes--the travelift only had to wait about 10 minutes 
for me once they came to lift us out of the cradle and plop us in the water.

The river trip was long.  First, it was the longest lockage we've 
ever sat in--no idea why it took so long to get the water level up. 
Then, there was a very slow barge fighting a strong wind, and all the 
river traffic was stuck behind the barge unable to pass.  So for 
about four S  L  O  W  miles there were several boats (power, sail, 
and barge pushers) idling or motoring around in circles all the way 
along the river.   Once we were free of the barge in the basin we 
also got the full brunt of the south wind and waves on the beam, and 
since the boat is much more Weeble-y with the mast down, it was a 
wobbly ride until we cleared the breakwater.

The lake trip, in contrast, was uncharacteristically fast and 
smooth.  It is often rough in the early season. Once we headed north, 
the same wind and waves that beat us up in the basin became our 
friends, and we had a fast and awesome trip north surfing on the 
south wind and waves behind us.  Having Gordon's brother Arne on my 
boat to help helm was great--it was my least stressful trip river 
trip ever with him and Gisele on the boat, beautiful weather (70, 
sunny), a happy engine (we motored over six knots!), and no deadlines 
to rush home for.


Next task--stepping the mast.  Without it, we're just a wobbly slow 
powerboat.  We're hoping to do in tomorrow (Friday) in the morning 
since Chas has to rush off to a Cubs game around noon.  We could use 
a few hands to help tune the rigging, put on sails, and get the boat 
ready for a shakedown sail this weekend.

Saturday looks iffy for a shakedown so I have it listed as a 
tentative shakedown if it's not raining, or not too cold and/or 
windy.  I really need to go to yoga in the morning, so I'm putting 
down a noon call.  If we can't sail I could still use some help 
cleaning the boat and doing a few other tasks that didn't get done in 
the yard; we can work around the rain.

Sunday looks like a better day though, and Gordon and I are 
considering a sunrise sail, but it may be just an early morning sail 
if we haven't shaken the boat down yet.

I hope to start the standing Wednesday night sails, with Thursday 
evening rain dates, this week. That worked well last year. We did 
throw in a couple of Tuesday night pre-rain dates at times, so keep in touch.

The general information (what to do and bring) and directions to the 
harbor (long-winded but interesting and accurate) can always be found 
on the Sloop Scoop site at

The schedule's below.  I tried to catch the typos on date and time, 
but e-mail me if I missed anything!

Hope to hear from you all and see you soon, and thanks again for all 
your good wishes and support.

Skipper Schuy/Lisa

SCHEDULE (many things permitting . . .)

___Friday 5/16
Mast stepping.  Be at the harbor at 0930 hours.  I may be able to use 
a couple of people later in the morning/early afternoon, too.

___Saturday 5/17
Tentative shakedown sail or definite work day if it's not pouring 
rain for hours.  Be at the harbor at 1200 hours.

___Sunday 5/18
Tentative sunrise sail (call me for time) or early morning sail (0800 
hours).  I need to be off of the boat by 1115 hours at the latest.

___Wednesday 5/21
Evening sail.  Be at the harbor at 1830 hours.  They won't have food 
at the harbor yet, so bring something to eat. We should be back by 
2130 hours at the latest.

___Saturday 5/24
Midday lunch cruise.  We'll inaugurate the grill for the season.  Be 
at the harbor at 1200 hours.  Bring something to grill and something to share.

___Monday 5/26
Memorial day cruise.  Time TBA

___Wednesday 5/28
Evening sail.  Be at the harbor at 1830 hours.  They probably will 
start selling burgers, etc., at the harbor tonight.  We should be 
back by 2130 hours at the latest.

A great sailing season!