[Sloop Scoop 2008] Preseason #2, May 9 - May 17th

Sloop John B sloopscoop@jewellgems.com
Thu, 08 May 2008 15:00:30 -0500

Preseason greetings again--

Thanks to everyone who responded so far to my appeal for help this 
year.  I haven't found a partner, but I have had several pledges from 
$20 on up and every little bit helps and adds up.  I'm still short of 
what I need, so if you are willing & able to help us out this year, 
let me know as soon as possible.  I have to cancel the mooring by May 
15th to get the mooring fee back, so I need to know if we can launch 
before then. Please don't feel obligated in any way or feel you are 
not welcome on the boat.  I have never and will never charge people 
to go sailing, and in the past I have even turned down money offered 
to me when people came out sailing.  This year I still won't turn 
away anyone who wants to sail, but I also won't turn away any offers of help!

That being said, we've been working hard to get the boat ready to go 
in the water by May 15th, thanks to decent weather and a couple of 
preseason volunteers.  May 15th would be our earliest launch date 
ever!  I have a three-month contract from May 19- August 15 (the 
worst dates for a sailor, but we work when we can find work!), so I 
want the boat in and the mast up before I head back into an office.

I need several people to help on Saturday May 10th.  I'll be there at 
10:00 and I'll probably stay until about 3:30.  Drop in for however 
long  you can--we can use the help.  The directions to the boatyard 
are below. I'd hoped to work on Sunday, too, but it currently appears 
the weather will not be permitting.  I need one person for the river 
trip (more is hard to shuttle ride-wise), so if you are interested, 
let me know.  The plan is for a weekday, but if we don't make it then 
we'd be heading up on Saturday the 17th, so let me know if the backup 
date is a possibility for you.  Ideally we'll be in the harbor and 
able to put up the mast on the 17th, since I have a full day on the 
18th and probably won't be able to do it then.  The tentative schedule is below

Again, the ideal situation would be to find a partner.  If anyone 
knows someone with 1) sailing experience (enough to take out a boat 
on their own without me (and without me worrying about it!)), 2) an 
interest in racing, mechanical skills and an interest in actually 
getting hands dirty working on the boat in the pre- and post-season, 
and a pool of friends willing and able to help maintain and crew the 
boat, let me know.  The arrangement I have had has been a fraction of 
expenses (usually divided equally among partners) in exchange for use 
of the boat, not actually buying into the boat. If you want to know 
numbers, contact me.

Thanks for your consideration and support.  I hope to hear from you, 
see you at the boatyard, or see you on the water soon.

Skipper Schuy/Lisa

SCHEDULE (many things permitting . . .)

___Friday 5/9
Work in the boatyard.  Be at the yard by 1100 hours.

___Saturday 5/10
Boatyard work.  I'll be at the boatyard between 0900 and 1230 
hours.  Some jobs don't need me there so if you can come late morning 
and stay after I leave that's fine.

___Sunday 5/11
Tentative work in the boatyard, noon.  Right now it looks as if 
weather won't cooperate.  And it is Mother's Day.

___Thursday 5/15
River trip.  Meet at the harbor at 0800 hours.  Don't count on being 
back to the harbor for sure before 1600 hours, but we could be back 
as early as 1300 hours.

___Saturday 5/17
Mast stepping.  Be at the harbor at 1000 hours.


The boat's located at Croissant Marina, approximately S. 141st St. , 
just east of Torrence Avenue, in the fenced part of the yard.  I 
usually take the Dan Ryan to the Bishop Ford (used to be Calumet 
Expy)--the left fork at the end of the Dan Ryan (to stay on I-94, vs. 
the right fork, which is I-57).  I get off at the Dalton exit going 
east, take Dalton to Torrence (at that point Dalton has become State 
street), where there is a stoplight (I haven't counted stoplights to 
that point yet, but it's about a mile from the expressway).  Turn 
left (north) at Torrence and go over the bridge and take your first 
left at the bottom of the bridge (there should be a sign there for 
the Waterfront Pub).  Take that street (I think it's 141st) until it 
hits the gravel lot and bear right around the fenced 
section.  There's a lot by the Waterfront Pub, or drive east (the 
direction you were driving in the yard) until the opening and turn 
right into the fenced in area yard and follow the line of boats along 
the fence.  The stern is facing the road, so you should be able to 
see the Sloop's location when you're coming in. It may be best to 
park in the Pub lot.  There's not a lot of parking in the yard.