[Sloop Scoop 2006] #5 August 25 - September 7

Schuy Jewell schuy@jewellgems.com
Fri, 25 Aug 2006 11:56:50 -0500

Ahoy again

We did get out a couple of times, but I'd really like to log in enough 
sails this year to justify the expense.  I figured out the other day if I 
only get out sailing 20 times a year that's about $140 for each time the 
boat goes out.  I never really thought about it that way before, which I 
probably why I still have the boat!  (I also used to get out over 50 times 
a year and had a partner so it wasn't as much of an issue).

We saw a few meteors before the moon rise, then the clouds and moonlight 
washed out the sky so we were in before midnight.  I actually didn't take 
out the Sloop since I didn't have enough crew--I jumped on Gordon's boat 
instead. The air show was an eerie foggy day.  We didn't see much and 
didn't stay out all day as we usually do.  We decided to swim instead.  I 
have a few pictures I'll try to get up on the site.  Gordon took a picture 
of us from his boat, and I took a couple of pictures too.

We've had a couple of nice weekday evening sails, but missed the one this 
week.  I haven't checked with available crew yet, but I'll schedule for 
Wednesday evening during with backup dates for Thursday and see how that 
goes.  If you're free either day let me know.  It may be that we'll go 
Thursday instead if it turns out that more crew and cruisers are available 

I will be here and sailing Labor Day weekend.  One day will be pretty full, 
but I have room on that Monday.  The boat will be in the water through the 
beginning of October, so don't rule out joining us for a sail thinking the 
summer ends with Labor Day!  Classes start then, and I won't sail on Monday 
or Tuesday evenings once classes start though.  But I'll still be available 
for weekday sails Thursday and Friday since my full-time job and 
tenure-track possibility disappeared in a badly planned and politically 
crazy department rearrangement at Columbia.

General information (what to do and bring) and directions to the harbor 
(long-winded but interesting and accurate) can be found on the Sloop Scoop 
site at

Hope to see you on the water soon!

Skipper Schuy/Lisa
Land:  773-752-6266, Cell:  773-343-0153
SCHEDULE (many things permitting . . .)

___Sunday 8/27

Afternoon cruise.  Meet at the harbor at 1300 hours.  Avoid Lake Shore 
Drive since the Triathlon is going on, but I scheduled this later than I 
would have liked (1100 hours) to accommodate the north siders.

___Wednesday 8/30
Meet at the harbor at 1830 hours.

___Thursday 8/31
Backup weekday evening cruise.  Meet at the harbor at 1830 hours.

___Saturday 9/2
Midday cruise.  It may be full, but let me know in case plans change with 
the people coming.

___Monday 9/4
Midday cruise.  Meet at the harbor at 1100 hours.  Bring something to grill 
and something to share

___Wednesday 9/6
Evening cruise.  Meet at the harbor at 1830 hours.

___Thursday 9/7 (my half-birthday!)
Backup weekday evening cruise.  Meet at the harbor at 1830 hours.

As much sailing as we can get in