[Sloop Scoop 2006] #4 August 9 - 22

Sloop John B sloopscoop@jewellgems.com
Wed, 09 Aug 2006 19:47:50 -0500

Cruisers and Crew--

I send out a message asking if anybody's out there and then I just 
disappear.  Go  figure.

The Sloop is doing fine, so at least my silence is not boat 
condition-related!  We did get out for some great sails in early July, met 
some new crew, accidentally left some other new crew at the dock, escaped 
some heat, grilled some great salmon . . . .  Then I ran through a string 
of days which were weather permitting but I had no crew, or crew permitting 
but the weather wouldn't cooperate.  Then a friend of mine died in an 
accident (some of you may remember him from the 2001 and 2002 seasons--his 
name was Mark, he was a carpenter and a scientist and he did a beautiful 
job rebuilding the tiller on the boat), and that grabbed hold of my life 
for about a week.  Hopefully life, weather, and crew will get in synch and 
I'll stay in touch.

This weekend is the meteor shower.  I'd like to go out either Friday or 
Saturday night, Saturday probably being more likely.  Saturday also has the 
advantage of fireworks.  We'll sail on Sunday midday, and possibly on 
Saturday depending on some schedules.  Our next weeknight sail is next 
Tuesday.  Let me know if you are available then and/or want to go out on 
another weeknight as well.

The following weekend is the Air and Water show.  The ritual for that is I 
schedule Saturday with a makeup date of Sunday.  If the weather is great on 
Saturday and Sunday and I have crew I'd consider going both days, but 
that's not very likely.  I am reserving a few spots, but let me know if 
you're interested and I'll get back to you when I know for sure.

We will sail through September and hopefully the first weekend of October 
so there's still time to get out.  If you have a particular date you'd like 
to sail let me know and I'll try to drum up crew to make it possible.  The 
Sloop has been feeling neglected so I need to cheer her up with lots of 

General information (what to do and bring) and directions to the harbor 
(long-winded but interesting and accurate) can be found on the Sloop Scoop 
site at

Hope to see you on the water soon!

Skipper Schuy/Lisa
Land:  773-752-6266, Cell:  773-343-0153
SCHEDULE (many things permitting . . .)

___Saturday 8/12

Possible afternoon cruise.  Meet at the harbor at 1300 hours

Meteor shower cruise.  Meet at the harbor at 1930 hours.  We'll leave 
around 2000 hours.  This would be a late night since the meteor shower 
doesn't really pick up until around 2300 hours, so plan on getting back 
around 0000 - 0030 hours.  We'll also see a sunset and moonrise and fireworks.

___Sunday 8/13
Midday cruise.  Meet at the harbor at 1100 hours.

___Tuesday 8/15
Meet at the harbor at 1830 hours.

___Thursday 8/17
Backup weekday evening cruise, or extra cruise if I'm up to it.  Meet at 
the harbor at 1830 hours.

___Saturday 8/19
Air and Water show cruise.  Meet at the harbor at 0900 so we can get up 
north in time to see the planes!  Bring something to grill, something to 
share and a lot of water!  It's a long day.

___Sunday 8/20
Rain date for Air and Water show cruise.  We'll only go if we don't get to 
go on Saturday, or if I just have to get out and do it again.  Same details 
as above.Air and Water Show

___Tuesday 8/22
Evening cruise.  Meet at the harbor at 1830 hours.


As much sailing as we can get in

Possibly a sloop 33rd birthday/10th adoption day party (more sea shanties!)