[Sloop Scoop 2006] #2, June 28 -- July 8

Sloop John B sloopscoop@jewellgems.com
Tue, 27 Jun 2006 17:56:13 -0500

Cruisers and crew--=0D
This is the second Sloop Scoop of the season.  You weren't removed from the=
 list, I was just removed from communicating.  =0D
Thanks to all those who got a hold of me to say "Hey, what's up."  Feel fre=
e to remind me that I've been on radio silence for =0D
too long.=0D
The Sloop is sailing.  It took awhile--an eventful mast stepping that neces=
sitated a new shrould (the old one had wound =0D
around the cleat and was pulling the boat out of the water as the mast went=
 up) and a later rigging day.  Then weather, busy =0D
crew (Thomas crossed the country crewing for a Race Across America bike rac=
er who came in in fifth place--an amateur =0D
outpaced only by professional well-funded riders--go Bryce!), a trip to nor=
thern Wisconsin, windy weather and a busy =0D
skipper put off the shakedown cruise until this past Saturday.  We had a ge=
ntle day, and had all the sail up for the first time =0D
in ages.  We need to do a little more tuning, but now I feel I can advertis=
e sailing dates!  We're still way ahead of last year, =0D
and on par with the previous year for first sails.=0D
So for those who like short notice, we're sailing tomorrow, Wednesday eveni=
ng, June 28th.  We won't stay out for fireworks =0D
because my crew has to work the next day, but we will try to get out that l=
ate sometime in the future.  I'd like to do a =0D
standing Wednesday night sail.  We'll see how that goes.=0D
I need crew!  If you know anyone that wants to learn, and especially anyone=
 who knows how to sail and wants to do some =0D
sailing, please pass information on or let me know.  =0D
I need a partner.  I haven't had an "official" partner now for several seas=
ons and it's taken quite a toll on me, so, barring =0D
winning the lottery, this is  the last season for the boat if I have to kee=
p footing the bill and doing most of the work alone.  =0D
Gordon has been a lifesaver, but he has his own boat and I hate to keep dep=
ending so much on him.  My crew have been =0D
lifesavers;  I have had some help from very generous crewpeople over the pa=
st few years, both financially and physically, but =0D
my crew all have many interests and I need more help than they can offer at=
 this point, and I really hate asking for help.  =0D
There are several ways this could work:  a group of people pledging to help=
 with expenses and work, a single person who =0D
wants access to a boat w/o having to do all and pay all, and lots of stuff =
in between.  But I'm putting out the call so if you or =0D
anyone you know may be interested, please let me know.=0D
So if this does turn out to be the last season, don't miss your chance to g=
et out sailing.=0D
Hope to see you on the water soon.=0D
Skipper Schuy/Lisa=0D
Land:  773-752-6266, Cell:  773-343-0153=0D
SCHEDULE (many things permitting . . .)=0D
___Wednesday 6/28=0D
Evening cruise.  Meet at the harbor at 1815 hours.  We should be back befor=
e 2100 hours.=0D
___Saturday 7/1=0D
Afternoon cruise.  Meet at the harbor at 1300 hours.=0D
___Sunday 7/2=0D
Tentative shakedown or post-shakedown sail, depending on interest.  Meet at=
the harbor at 1400 hours.=0D
___Monday 7/3=0D
Tentative fireworks cruise. This is not first come first served and I can't=
 take everyone!  Several slots are reserved but I'll let  =0D
you know if there's room. Meet at the harbor at 1800 hours.  Bring somethin=
g to grill and something to share.  If people =0D
want to sleep on the boat that's a possibility and we can do a sunrise crui=
___Tuesday 7/4=0D
Possible sunris cruise, and tentative morning sail.  Let me know if you're =
interested and will decide on a time.=0D
___Saturday 7/8=0D
Tentative morning sail.  Meet at the harbor at 1300 hours.=0D
As much sailing as we can get in=0D
Possibly a sloop 33rd birthday/10th adoption day party (more sea shanties!)=